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How do you describe starlight. Mysterious? Beautiful. Yes this can be something you can describe me as, but you don't want to get too close unless you want to burn.

{{ Multi-Verse || Multi-ship || Multi-fandom Independent OC RP blog for my muse Star Valeroso. }}

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okay…I really shouldn’t have even stayed up so late. But it just comes so naturally to me. 

But sleep…sleep is good….sleep is what I need.


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for every single person who reblogs this, i will put a song in their inbox based solely on their blog content (and possibly theme).

good luck with my blog


2377 and I still get one (and an accurate one), he is good !

she <3 haha why thank you!

I woooonder what it could be?

*wiggles eyebrows*

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starvaleroso sent: ☢ (( i know i've only been following you for like 10 mins, but i still mean it ))


Send Me ☢ If You Want To RP With Me But Haven’t Yet

Hey, that’s great! I always love someone new to rp with!!! :)

"It’s good to meet you," Obi Wan smiles and inclines his head, "thank you for the follow, please excuse my mun and her antics." 

// Oh! But I never know how to approach people so i was happy that you posted that. 

"There isn’t much to say about my mun, so I pay no attention to other muns."

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Send Me ☢ If You Want To RP With Me But Haven’t Yet
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throwninthebrig sent: It had been meant for him, not her. So why did she have to take the hit instead of him? He knew as he held her that there wasn't anything that he could do, and that there wasn't anywhere he could get her in time."You're going to be alright, we'll get out of here," he told her, rocking both her and himself backward and forwards slightly. What else was he supposed to say? He wasn't going to tell her how stupid of a stunt it had been, he didn't want to spend his last moments with her lecturing her.

She weakly reached up to touch Tyler’s face, “I’m dying….” she could feel it and she didn’t want to hide it, not after what he had just said. She had saved him, that’s all she had cared. She closed her eyes for a moment as her breathing and heat beat slowed. “I love you.” she barely had the strength to say the words, but it didn’t feel right to not try to say them if she was going to leave him soon. Her hand dropped from his face as the last bits of life started to leave.

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Send me a song that reminds you of my muse!!
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Send me ➣ and my character will react to yours slapping a pair of handcuffs on my character’s wrists.

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starvaleroso sent: "Stop denying that you're sick, it happens to everyone."


"I cannot afford to-"
Her words broke off in a fit of raspy coughing and she slumped forward, eyes closing.
"Ung… dizzy…." she whispered. "I am sorry, Star…"

"It’s okay, my angel." she wrapped her arm around her and walked her over to a bed. "You just need to get better now." she placed a blanket over her and stroked her face with the back of her hand. "And I’ll make sure to that." 

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