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How do you describe starlight. Mysterious? Beautiful. Yes this can be something you can describe me as, but you don't want to get too close unless you want to burn.

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mun should not still be awake and really is unsure how much sleep she is going to get (cause nerves), but is going to go offline now. 

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Tyler brought one hand to the side of his head. It was just too much for him to handle. He had to be sick somehow, whether it be physically or mentally. But his mind was playing a terrible trick on him, but he didn’t know how to stop it. It was going to hurt when it did, though.

He was surprised when he felt her kissing him, but neither kissed her back nor pulled away. Why was all of this so real? It wasn’t. Star was dead, and he was just going crazy. There were probably people with clipboards giving him pitiful shakes of the head as they watched and recorded him. God, he was pathetic.

It was only after a few moments that Tyler realized that Star had pulled herself away from him. And it took another moment for him to register the fact that she was crying. But he couldn’t do anything to help her, because suddenly his head was swimming and his heart was racing. His hands were sweaty and cold, and he became lightheaded to the point where he collapsed onto one knee, only to push himself back to his feet and make his way quickly to the bathroom, where he was violently sick from shock.

Star continued to cry, only noticing that Tyler had left the room when she started to calm down, only then feeling surprised that he hadn’t come to comfort her. “Babe….” she found herself saying out loud as her ear picked up on the sounds in the bathroom. Not that she was done being upset, but she was well enough to pull herself together to attend to Tyler.

Star closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she uncurled her legs and pulled herself up. Star could only imagine what Tyler was going through at the time, guess she didn’t do a good job in grounding him. “Babe…” she rubbed his back. “I…” she swallowed hard, what was so hard about some words that were so natural to say before all this had happened.

"I’m sorry." she did manage to say. It wasn’t really any of her fault, but she felt horrible for leaving him in the dark. She didn’t even have any control over it, it wasn’t her that put out her death notice. She licked her lips and sighed as she walked away from him for a moment, only to come back with a damp wash cloth. "Here." she handed the cloth to him, not knowing what else to do, figuring trying to explain things would only make things worse. 

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mun still here, just lurking cause no one to talk to

(and prob not gonna sleep anytime soon cause i’m super nervous for tomorrow, and ug can these things NOT happen)

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I love how I wait for Kat to answer our thread, but once she does it’s just like….nnuu I want people to bother my Jackie.

But no really, truthfully. Star is….idk. She seems to be giving me trouble. But my Jackie is coming in loud and clear. But if you want me to use gifs, won’t be doing that til I have a new FC for her.

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I really do need a different FC for my Jackie.

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starvaleroso sent: ✢


Ishiko was about to make a quick run to her favorite coffee shop, however, her plans were interupted when she opened her door to find a strange girl standing on her doorstep. “Oh…Please come in — Mayumi,” she called out to her maid. “Mayumi come quick! What were you doing out there?”

Star liked the rain, but wasn’t expecting this downpour. She sighed and rolled her eyes, home was kinda far away and she was sure there was a house around her of someone she met before.

Taking in a deep breath and trying to remember to be polite when the girl opened the door for her Star stepped in when asked. She walked in and blinked at the bright light as she made it inside, barely noticing the question that was directed at her. “Oh…” why did she decide this was a good idea, it was just rain. “I….” shit what was a good excuse. Star shivered, she could barely concentrate on a good answer. 

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Send my muse one of the following! (slightly smutty)


  • "Ohhh, but you’re so cute when you’re flustered!"
  • "Somebody’s especially sensitive…"
  • "Looks like I’ll never lose another ticklefight again!"
  • "Looks like you’re a bit… tied up."
  • "Is it really that stuck, or are you just making an excuse to wave your ass in the air?"
  • "Act like that, and I’ll have to spank you."
  • "You do look sweet in that dress."
  • "I’m not a skateboard, but I’d grind you all night long."
  • "Not yet, not until you beg really good for it."
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Reblog If You’re An RP Blog That Genuinely Doesn’t Mind RPing With Anyone

Because no jokes, I really want to follow you and RP with you all but I’m just like nobody wants to RP with me ;A;


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